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At CCS Wealth we believe that everyone has the right to take advantage of these new and emerging technologies. Our goal is to amplify the virtues of De-Fi by offering high-yield products simply, safely and securely.

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Matthew Snively

Our COO is Matthew Snively. Matthew is proud father of 3, Army Veteran, and avid Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Formerly, his professional experience includes National Sales Director for Morgan Stanley and Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch. Matthew is also the former owner of a successful Mortgage Brokerage and Property Management company in the US and a skilled Forex Trader. His passion is providing value to others so they can experience the best that life has to offer. Finding the solution to people’s problems and developing their talents is a skill that he himself has developed over the last 30 years

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Daniel Coffey

Our CEO is Daniel Coffey. He is a multinational business leader and entrepreneur. A professional communicator and negotiator, with a demonstrated history of business development and partnership for new market expansion in the Entertainment, Digital Media and most recently in the Crypto Currency Industries. Specializing in working with startup and incubator projects, Daniel’s sales and leadership skills have previously helped generate multimillion-dollar revenues for business leaders he’s partnered with. Entering the Crypto Currency space in late 2017 for Crypto Mining Startup, Daniel achieved great success generating over half of the AUM raised during his tenure, leaving them after over 3 years of service to pursue other ambitions in the strong position as an industry leader in Crypto Mining within Australia.

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Shorupan Pirakaspathy

A founding partner in BSG and Chief Technology Advisor to CCS, Shorupan Pirakaspathy is a sought after subject matter specialist for enterprise-level blockchain integration. With a background in structured portfolio management, Shorupan has consulted and scaled traditional financial firms whose specializations range from the foreign exchange markets to insurance derivatives. His exposure to the cryptocurrency markets came during his tenure as Chief Investment Officer at Toronto based VC firm, Generation Z International. There he constructed one of Canada's first blockchain investment funds which monetized off the market boom of 2016-2017. Since then Shorupan has become a thought leader in the space engaging with corporations and universities to help elucidate the business implications of the blockchain. In 2018 he Co-Founded Nvest Global Enterprises and launched Canada's first retail cryptocurrency financial institution. Now he is scaling NGE to become a global provider of blockchain-based banking systems and manages operations in over 6 countries.

In addition to the core team, CCS Wealth partners with the industry leaders and subject matter experts to deliver you the best service and support that DeFi can offer you.

Group learning is the best way to ensure your cryptocurrency knowledge is up to date. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter attend the monthly virtual community meetings to give you more insights into your digital asset portfolio strategies.

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