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Cryptocurrencies, digital assets and smart contracts are the components of the DeFi revolution. Whilst it is very exciting, it can be very daunting due to its technically complex and rapidly evolving landscape. It takes courage to start the learning process, and trusted partners to support your journey.  


CCS Wealth offers a support system and guidance every step of the way.

Step 1: Preparation for transition into digital assets

  • Homework: Review the onboarding checklist

Step 2: Sign up for the CCS Wealth 6-week onboarding educational series covering topics such as:

  • crypto foundation series and digital best practices 

  • setting up your currency exchange

  • ensuring all your ID proof documents are in order

  • adopting the DeFi mindset to evolve into new states of banking and currency understanding

  • always learning new ways to introduce these concepts to friends and family. We encourage group and local learning for educating new topics such as cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Book your onboarding session by completing the form.

  • Have a thorough understanding of crypto exchange (FAQ)

  • bring your Crypto wallet & currency exchange information

  • know your first deposit strategy plan

​Once you have been onboarded, the next steps will be to complete the onboarding educational series that will be sent over the next 6 weeks to your email. In this series, you will learn the system and put the power back into your hands financially.  You will have access to a full range of information in the form of educational interviews, newsletters, up-to-date industry insights, and much, much more.

Book Your Onboarding Session


Request an onboarding session, complete the booking form below. Then, your 6-week educational series will begin. Enjoy, and see you in crypto-land.


A calendar link will be shared with available times (20 min meetings), Once the email is received, via the link, kindly select your best suitable time. 

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